Sunday, September 16, 2012

Just the lyrics: Through My Prayers

"Through My Prayers" by the Avett Brothers

Hard to believe I won't see you again  
We were just fighting when winter began  
The coldness of our words competing with the wind from the north  
Still they make me shiver, but in a very different way  
The pages of the calendar kept turning away
I have some better words now, but it's too late to say them to you 
My dream of all dreams and my hope of all hopes  
Is only to tell you and make sure you know  
How much I love you and how much I always did  
And yes I know you love me, I can see it in your eyes  
And it was in your struggle and it was in your mind  
And it was in the smile you gave me when I was kid 
Feels like no one understands  
And now my only chance  
To talk to you is through my prayers 
I only wanted to tell you I care 
Every night after and every day since I found myself crying when the memory hit  
Sometimes it knocks me down, sometimes I can just put it away  
Down in my mind where I don't care to go 
The pain of a lesson is letting me know 
If you have love in your heart, let it show while you can  
Yes, now I understand But now my only chance  
To talk to you is through my prayers 
I only wanted to tell you I care I only wanted to tell you I care

If I could put the last three years of my life into a song, this very well might be it.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

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lyrics: avett brothers

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